Incoterms 2010

The Incoterm 2010 Rules that apply to any Mode of Transport

  • EXW - Ex Works
  • FCA - Free Carrier
  • CPT - Carriage Paid To
  • CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid To
  • DAT - Delivered at Terminal (New Term) 
  • DAP - Delivered at Place (New Term) 
  • DDP - Delivered Duty Paid

The Incoterm 2010 Rules that apply to Sea and Inland Waterway Transport

  • FAS - Free Alongside Ship
  • FOB - Free On Board
  • CFR - Cost and Freight 
  • CIF - Cost Insurance and Freight

Copies of Incoterms 2010 can be ordered through the ICC and are available online at

For more information please contact your local DSV representatives.

Incoterms 2010

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