DSV will be assuming full liability.

Dear business partner,

From 4 April DSV will assume full liability (up to €5000) in the organisation of all international carriage. Many of you have probably had dealings with the limited liability of carrier/forwarder clause (article 23, clause 3) of the CMR Convention. While this clause has a valid reason, it has repeatedly been one of the major causes of conflicts when things don’t go as planned.

We have discussed this topic with several of you and, as a result, DSV is offering a solution – starting from 4 April DSV will be assuming full liability, valued at up to €5000, in organising international carriage. We will be calling this service DSV Protect, and we want to be pioneers with this new approach. The approach means that the carrier’s responsibility is not limited by weight, and should the worst happen a quick solution is ensured. The sum of €5000 is based on our loss event statistics – for more than 90% of events the claim amount is less than €5000.

DSV Protect

On the one hand, the new service means added security for clients and loss adjustment within seven days. On the other hand, the additional service will add €5 to the total cost of carriage, regardless of the value of the goods. We believe this is a reasonable compromise in assuming additional liability.

We still recommend taking out additional cargo insurance on more expensive cargo.

We hope you will welcome our initiative – by collectively adjusting our mindset, everyone will win!

More information is available on our website or from your DSV contact.


Jaan Lepp
Chairman of the Board